Kyowa Kiki Seisakusho Co. Ltd
2-15-15 Hachimangi-, Kawaguchi-City, Saitama, Japan  334-0012
Telephone +81-48-281-6940 (Key Number) FAX +81-48-285-2093
Trade Name Kyowa Kiki Seisakusho Co. Ltd
Address 2-15-15 Hachimangi-, Kawaguchi-City, Saitama, Japan 334-0012
Telephone +81-48-281-6940 (Key Number)
FAX +81-48-285-2093
Managing Director (President) Takashi Ueichi
Number of employees 30 people
Capital 10,000,000JPY, as of June 1992
Established in May, 1970
Main bank Kawaguchi Credit Association Bank, Honcho-Higashi Branch
Mizuho Bank, Kawaguchi Branch
Sales items Plating machine: Semi-automatic and automatic plating machine, Barrels, Plate tanks, Acid-proof pump
Agricultural machines: Vegetable and flouts selector, Automatic curtain equipment for plastic greenhouse
Factory facilities Land area: 950m2 Property 0.234 Acres
Building First factory: 4000 Square feet
Second factory: 4300 Square feet
First warehouse / Administration space: 4100 Square feet
Second warehouse: 1900 Square feet
First floor 71 inch size lathe *1, 60 inch size lathe *2, 42 inch lathe *1, Bench lathe *1,
Makino Milling machine No.2 *1, Enshu Milling machine No.2 *1, Machining center OKK-MCV-410 *1,
Machining center OKK-PCV-60*1, NCT-23-6C type turret *1,
Carbonic acid laser Rofunziner *1,Automatic drilling lathe *2, 47 inch Radial Drilling lathe *1,
Drilling machine *5, Tapping machine *1, Cutter *1, Argon welder *1, Electricity welder *2,
Oxygen welder *2, Automatic welder *2, Shirring Machine *1, 78 inch Bender *1, PVC Table Saw *2
Second floor Cafeteria, Locker room, Automatic drilling machine for multiple hole *3, Automatic drilling lathe *1,
Third floor Administrative office, Architectural office, testing room, a recreation room
Associated company Eiko Seiki Co., Inc.
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